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What to Do if You Get a Massive Toothache

Having a massive toothache is no fun. It is something no one wants to go through. Not being able to see a dentist right away, while having to find a way to reduce the pain is tricky. Now, there are some ways to deal with the toothache until you’re able to see the dentist but they’re not long term solutions that will ultimately fix the problem until you get into see us here at Charlotte Emergency Dental.

Things to do to Fix a Massive Toothache

What to Do if You Get a Massive Toothache Seeing a dentist is the only way to really treat the problem. However, there are ways for you to reduce the pain that you’re in when it comes to a massive toothache. Here are some of the ways to relieve the pain until you can see the dentist.

  • Numbing agents that can be purchased over the counter in liquid form.
  • Pain and swelling reducers such as Tylenol and Motrin both work well together.
  • An ice compress on the side that the pain is in.
  • Essential oils such as glove can reduce inflammation and pain.
  • Filling the tooth with a temporary tooth filling product, but make sure the area is cleaned thoroughly prior to applying.
  • Crushed garlic to the area and then rinsed cleanses and reduces inflammation.
  • Gargling salt water can help clean out the area, but also provide pain relief for a short period of time.

Call Your Dentist Right Away

Once you’ve made it through the night, give your dentist a call for the earliest possible appointment. They’re better able to fill the tooth for you and remove the pain you’re in.

Charlotte Emergency Dental is here when you have a massive toothache that needs to be addressed. We are also open after regular dental hours, so you can give us a call to find out how we are able to help the massive toothache that you have.

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