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What to Do if You Burn Your Mouth

When you burn your mouth one of the primary considerations you should have is preventing further injury while the burn heals. Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental, we see a wide variety of dental and oral trauma, including burns, on a regular basis. Here is what you should do if you have burned your mouth.

If You Burn Your Mouth, Make Sure You Have Help with Treatment

What to Do if You Burn Your MouthFirst, you should make sure that you come see us right away. This is because—while most burns in the mouth are generally not too serious—it is possible for you to burn your mouth very severely so that you need medical attention. And, ironically, the more serious burns tend to be less painful, so you cannot really use the presence or absence of pain as a gauge of how bad your burn is.

After you have visited us and been checked out, we will probably send you home with the following instructions. Still, we should repeat that you do need to come see us, as a serious burn can lead to other complications—so it’s best to make sure that you don’t need medical attention.

What You Consume Can Help

One of your best tools during the process will be cool drinks. Keeping cold fluid moving over the burn will help keep the pain down and reduce the potential for swelling. We suggest cool water consumed in small sips.

You might also explore eating soft, cold foods. Ice cream, jello, yogurt, and cottage cheese are all popular choices. You want to make sure that you are not eating foods that are crunchy or hard, as they could cause further damage to the burned tissue.

Along the same lines, avoid eating food with too much salt in it. Remember, you have a burn your mouth, and the tissue is going to be very sensitive. Take things easy for a while, and let your body heal.

At Charlotte Emergency Dental, we are here to help, so come see us right away and let us take a look at your burn.

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