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The Basics of Root Canal Treatment Shared by Our Emergency Dentist

Root canal treatment is a method of dealing with serious problems that often develop in human teeth. Using this technique, a dentist can save the base of a tooth and, in conjunction with a crown, return the affected area to its normal appearance.

Understanding the Human Tooth

The enamel of a tooth is known for its hardness and durability. However, the inside of a tooth is comprised of soft nerve tissue, known as pulp. The pulp is contained within in each of the two roots that hold the tooth in place and supply it with blood. Since the nerve is not necessary for the proper functioning of a tooth, it can be safely removed in a root canal procedure.

Damage to the pulp can lead to the development of bacteria in the tooth cavity, with more serious consequences occurring later. The primary causes of pulp damage are as follows:

• Deep decay
• Injury to the teeth or face
• Repeated dental procedures

In addition to pain, root canal problems cause swelling of the gums or other nearby areas, drainage of infected material, darkening of the tooth and even damage to the underlying bone.

Undergoing Root Canal Treatment

A root canal procedure is similar to undergoing a filling and can be carried out in a local dentist office.

The procedure will normally begin with an X-ray of the affected area, allowing the dentist to assess the situation. The patient will also be given a local anesthetic in order to eliminate pain during the drilling process. The pulp will then be removed from the tooth and the space filled with a special compound. A medication may be administered in cases of serious infection.

In the final step, the area will be covered with a crown, actually an artificial tooth that is natural in its appearance and function. A complete procedure will require more than more than one session, but any resulting pain can normally be treated by the patient with an over-the-counter medication.

If you are experiencing dental pain and expect that you may need a root canal, you probably need a trip to your local dentist office. You should especially consider our dental services, which are geared to satisfy your specific needs. Call our Charlotte emergency dental office for an appointment today!

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