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Remedies for a Broken Tooth

When you have a broken tooth, it can be very frustrating to deal with. Your teeth are incredibly strong but thy can easily be chipped, fractured, or even broken. Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental, we are one of the top best dental offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and today in this article we are going to be discussing remedies that you can do at home to fix your broken tooth.

Fixing Your Broken Tooth

As we said earlier on in this article your teeth are extremely strong but they are not invincible. They can be broken, chipped, and fractured. This can happen by simply biting down on something that’s really hard, getting struck in the face, falling down on a hard surface, and having cavities that can weaken your teeth. When your tooth chips or breaks, it may not hurt at fist, but your tongue and the inside of your lips can feel the difference immediately. If the broken tooth is minor it usually doesn’t cause you any discomfort or pain, but if it has been broken to expose the root, it can be quite painful. The nerve that is inside your tooth may be damaged and this can cause your tooth to be sensitive to air, or hot cold substances. The pain from a broken tooth can be constant or it can also come and go. In most cases people only feel the pain when they chew because that puts pressure on the broken tooth.

We are going to list a few things that you can do at home for some traumas that can happen.

·        Cracked or fractured teeth – There really isn’t much that you can do at home for this kind of injury, you will need to come into the office, so we can take care of it. In some cases, the tooth will look fine, but if it only hurts when you eat or drink something hot or cold then you will need to come into the office, so we can patch it up for you.

·        Broken tooth – If you have a broken tooth, please come to us as soon as possible. We can see if the break has been caused by a cavity and if the nerve is in danger. If the never is damaged, to repair it we will have to do a root canal.

·        Chips – Small chips in your teeth will not always require us to treat it. You can get dental bonding material over the counter to fix it yourself but if the chip is bad we suggest that you come in and see us so we can use a filling material so that we can prevent the chip from getting worse and it will also make your tooth feel and look so much better. If the chip is really small, we can just polish the tooth and smooth out the area where it was chipped to fix it.

We Can Help with More Than Just a Broken Tooth

Now that we have explained some of the things that you can do for these types of injures if you suspect they are worse, we urge to come into the office so we can look at it and then we can determine what kind of treatment you will need. Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental, we are one of the most leading dental offices in Charlotte, North Carolina and we are extremely good at what we do! If you were to have any questions or concerns about anything please don’t hesitate to call us or stop by for a visit.

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