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Protecting Your Mouth from a Jagged Tooth

When you have a jagged tooth that is sharp and causing the inside of your mouth a lot of pain, you need to protect yourself from it. This can be done with the right dental care. Protecting your mouth can help you have a better, happier smile overall. Speak with the best dentist in Charlotte to find out how they’re able to help protect your mouth and ensure that the jagged tooth that you have is no longer an issue for you.


Best Way of Protecting Your Mouth

There are a few ways to protect your mouth from the jagged tooth that you have. Keep in mind, anything you put into your mouth can easily be inhaled, so it is important to not sleep with the temporary fix.

  • Use a piece of sugar free chewing gum to cover the sharp part of the tooth
  • Use wax to cover the tooth
  • Look in the pharmacy section of the store for tooth filling
  • Use a mouth guard at night to protect the inside of your mouth while you sleep

It is important that you know that none of these things are permanent fixes and you will have to visit a dentist to have the tooth fixed. They can put a crown over it which restores it to the way it once looked, while also providing you with a more comfortable mouth overall.


Speak with Our Dental Professionals

If you find that you have a jagged tooth and need to have it fixed, our dentists here at Charlotte Emergency Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina can provide you with the fixes you need. Give our dentists a  call today to set up an appointment to come in! You don’t want to let that jagged tooth sit there for too long. Cuts can happen inside the mouth.

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