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Dental issues to think about while pregnant

Having a baby can be a wonderful and magical experience for parents, especially the mother. The mother needs to ensure that she is hale and hearty in order to carry the baby safely, as bad health can lead to complications for the mother as well as the baby. Every aspect of the body should be checked to ensure that they are healthy, and that includes the teeth, and in general, oral health too. We discuss about dental issues to think about while pregnant.

Ideally, a mother should make an appointment with her dentist as soon as she is pregnant, as it would give her as well as the dentist ample time to set a new schedule for her routine dental check-ups and to ensure that it does not clash with her pregnancy. The dentist would also need to know the condition of the pregnancy as well as other medical conditions which would help the dentist to draft out a plan which keeps the best interests of her oral health in mind. It is always advised to get treated for any dental issues before a mother plans to get pregnant in order to avoid conflicts.

Being pregnant puts a woman in high risk for tooth related problems including tooth decay and gum problems. She may also get pregnancy tumors, which are oral growths that may sprout up during pregnancy. These oral growths go away post the birthing process, but you can ask your dentist to get it removed if need be. Women having gum disease have been found to have been at a greater risk of delivering babies pre-term and low in weight.

Many dental procedures are safe to be performed on the mother even during her pregnancy period. For example, dental cleanings can be easily performed by the dentist on the mother even during her pregnancy, as it poses zero risk to the mother as well as the developing baby. On the other hand, it is even recommended as it helps to keep the gums and the teeth healthy, which is a big requirement for pregnancy. Dental x-rays are also safe to be performed on women going through pregnancy, as they are considered not harmful and are a great asset for dentists to find out about hidden tooth problems.

Anesthesia has been linked to early miscarriages and hence dental procedures requiring it must be avoided during pregnancy or at least postponed to the second trimester instead of being done at the first trimester.

Charlotte Emergency Dental is known for its specialization in a wide variety of dental treatments and processes including looking after dental health even during pregnancies. The large team ensures only the best care is provided to patients visiting their clinic.

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