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It Is Important to Come to Charlotte Medicaid Dental Offices When Emergencies Pop Up

When you have a dental emergency, we urge you to come to one of the best Charlotte Medicaid dental offices around Charlotte, North Carolina. Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental we care about your and your family and when you have a dental emergency we want you to know that you will be taken care of properly. Today in this article we are going to be discussing dental reasons to visit one of the best Charlotte Medicaid dental offices when you have a dental emergency.

Reasons to Visit Charlotte Medicaid Dental Offices

If you have a tooth that needs to be removed, that has been knocked out, or if you wake up in the middle of the night with a toothache, we urge to come in to the one of the best Charlotte Medicaid dental offices for all your dental emergencies. There is not a reason for you to suffer with the pain of a toothache when you can just come and see us, and we can take care of you. Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental we don’t make you wait 2-3 weeks for an appointment we take your case head on and when it is an emergency we give you immediate care, so you can go on with your life happy and pain free. We have the skill, training, time, and the patience to treat you fast and get you back up and running the next day. Here are a few steps you can take before coming into the office.

Before Coming into the Office

When you schedule the appointment, we try to get you in as soon as possible, but in the meantime if you are experiencing any bleeding or discomfort it is very important that you follow these steps prior to coming in.

·        When your tooth gets damaged, one of the first things to do is rinse out your mouth with warm water. There could be some blood that has been left over in your mouth and you will need to clean that out to have access to the damaged tooth. When assess in the damaged tooth please be careful and watch out for any pieces of the tooth that can fall out when you rinse because we can actually restore your tooth if you find any missing pieces. If your tooth has been knocked out of your moth due to a fall or any type of trauma, please be careful to not hold the tooth by the root as this can damage the root and make it more difficult to put back in. Please hold your tooth by the crown and place your tooth in a glass of milk to keep it moist and wet.

·        If your bleeding has not stopped after you have rinsed your mouth out with warm water, you can use some pieces of clean cloth or gauze to hold pressure on the area and this will cause the bleeding to stop.

·        To stop the pain and discomfort, you can take over the counter pain medication. Any kind will do besides aspirin. Aspirin is a known blood thinner and could cause more bleeding in the area. You can also hold an ice pack near the area that hurts but not directly on it. This will reduce the swelling and pain but please be sure not to hold it on there for more than 10-15 mins at a time.

We Are Here to Help

Now that we have giving you the steps to take before coming into the office the main important step to take is to remain calm and get to us as quickly as possible! Here at one of the best Charlotte Medicaid dental offices in Charlotte, North Carolina at Charlotte Emergency Dental, we take pride in our work, and if you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to call us or stop buy for a visit!

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