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How Long After a Tooth Gets Knocked Out Can It Get Put Back In?

After a tooth gets knocked out, it is really important to get to our office as soon as possible! An avulsed, also known as a knocked-out tooth, can be saved, if you get to us in time. This is one of the most serious dental emergencies that needs to be done quickly. If its been less than 20-30 minutes you have a really good chance of it being put back in, but if its been more than an hour your chances will decrease, that’s why its so import to get here a soon as possible.

What You Need to Do After a Tooth Gets Knocked Out

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If your tooth has been knocked out, your nerves, your blood vessels and the other tissues are damaged and cannot be repaired. A root canal will be the only way we can restore the avulsed tooth. However, the bone will be able to get reattached to the root of your tooth when we put it back in. The odds in saving a knocked-out tooth in children are extremely high, and adults teeth can also be saved. It is very important that you come into the office as soon as possible after a tooth gets knocked out, and try not to damage the tooth any more.

Here are some simple instructions that you need to follow in order to increase the odds of saving your tooth:

  • Handle the tooth with care. Do not touch the part of the tooth that was under the gum, known as the root, because it can be very easily damaged.
  • If the tooth has dirt on it or any bacteria and it needs to be cleaned, do not hold the tooth by the root, hold it by the upper part and rinse it with water, do not wipe it off with anything, that could damage the tooth even more.
  • You need to keep the tooth wet. Put it in a glass of water, if the tooth is still in your mouth spit it into the cup of water.
  • You can also try to put the tooth back in its socket, in many cases It will go back in, but just don’t force it back in, if it won’t go back in just put it in water and come into the office right away!

Here at Charlotte Emergency Dental in Charlotte, North Carolina if we see that the tooth is not in pieces and intact we will do everything we can to save the tooth and get back into its rightful place. If it’s been out of your mouth for more than an hour the odds of restoration aren’t good but we will still try our best! If you have any questions or concerns on this matter, please don’t hesitate to call us!

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