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Chewing on Ice Can Lead to an Emergency Dental Visit

Chewing on ice may be normal for you or someone you know, especially during that summer heat, but it can be extremely dangerous. Despite how strong and healthy your teeth may be, you are still at risk of cracking, breaking, or losing a tooth. No one wants to deal with emergency room visits, and emergency dentists are no different. Charlotte Emergency Dental, a great option for your oral needs here in Charlotte, North Carolina, is well equipped to handle any kind of dental emergency. However, we want to help you to avoid the problem in the first place.


Chewing on Ice Can be Painful

Almost everyone has chewed ice at some point or another, whether it was a hot sunny day and you needed a way to cool off or you found yourself tempted by those little chips left at the bottom of your drink. Craving ice is also a symptom of pica which can be a symptom of several other issues such as anemia. No matter the reason, though, chewing on ice carries the same risks and is a habit best left alone. Your teeth may seem strong, but they are still fragile against something as hard as ice. Chewing ice even once can lead to broken or chipped teeth, which can be extremely painful and can lead to more problems down the line. Over time, chewing on ice can also lead to abrasions or worse damage on your enamel. If you have any existing dental work such as implants or crowns, you are also risking the integrity of that hardware. Finally, chewing on ice also leads to varying severities of tooth sensitivity down the line, to both hot and cold foods and beverages.

While it may not seem like a big deal, chewing on ice carries many risks. If you do happen to find yourself stuck at the mercy of a problematic result, we can have you back on your feet in no time here at Charlotte Emergency Dental. Give us a call today.

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