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Handling Dental Pain Until You Can Get Seen

Dental pain is one of the biggest reasons Charlotte Emergency Dental sees patients. This is a common problem with so many people. When your teeth hurt, you don’t want to deal with the pain for an extended period of time. You shouldn’t have too. With the help of the dentist, you can feel much more confident being able to go on with life without the dental pain following you.   Ways to Deal with Dental Pain There are numerous ways that you can deal with dental pain, though you shouldn’t have to. When you cannot get in to be seen for the pain right away, these tips can help reduce the pain...

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

If you have a damaged tooth or some other dental condition, you need to determine whether it is an emergency needing immediate care. Some dental issues can be taken care of during your next appointment; however, if you have a dental emergency, it is imperative that you come see dental health care professional here at Charlotte Emergency Dental as soon as you can. Here is more information on what is—and is not—a dental emergency. Injuries from Trauma If you have damaged a tooth, chances are pretty good that it is an emergency. You will need to consider the extent of the damage: a broken tooth,...

The Basics of Root Canal Treatment Shared by Our Emergency Dentist

Root canal treatment is a method of dealing with serious problems that often develop in human teeth. Using this technique, a dentist can save the base of a tooth and, in conjunction with a crown, return the affected area to its normal appearance. Understanding the Human Tooth The enamel of a tooth is known for its hardness and durability. However, the inside of a tooth is comprised of soft nerve tissue, known as pulp. The pulp is contained within in each of the two roots that hold the tooth in place and supply it with blood. Since the nerve is not necessary for the proper functioning of a tooth,...

Understanding a Wisdom Tooth Extraction from Our Emergency Dentists  

I looked forward to having a wisdom tooth extraction! You know that’s not true. It is true that some people don’t need their third molars extracted. But the worst experience would be ignoring a wisdom tooth that is starting to become sore or sensitive. If you simply keep up with regular dental checkups, a Charlotte emergency dentist will be able to advise you on wisdom teeth removal. How are wisdom teeth removed? Most of the time an oral surgeon or your dentist can remove a wisdom tooth that is creating problems. The surgery may be done in a hospital under anesthesia if all four of...

Is Root Canal Therapy For You? Learn More About It from Charlotte Emergency Dentists

You may have heard the term “root canal therapy,” and you may be wondering what that entails. Chances are high that you heard a friend or family member discuss the procedure as something that his or her dentist suggested or performed. If your Charlotte dentist has recommended a root canal, then you have some serious issues with your tooth. The good news is that root canal therapy can help you to preserve your tooth so you do not have to get rid of it.   What Is Root Canal Treatment? A root canal procedure is a procedure during which Charlotte dentists remove the nerve and the pulp from...