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What Is Root Canal Treatment, Its Symptoms & Benefits?

Root canal therapy, also referred to as endodontic therapy, involves removal of nerve chamber of a tooth or the bacteria infection within the pulp. You may require Root canal treatment in a wide range of dental conditions including deep tooth decay, trauma, or even chipping to tooth. It helps in eliminating the root cause of pain and makes the tooth usable. There are many benefits of Root canal treatment. Most importantly, it helps in preserving your tooth. We at Charlotte Emergency Dental provide root canal therapy within the comfortable and safe settings of our dental office. We have well-qualified...

Fixing a Chipped Tooth: Why and How

Your teeth are strong — they have to be, to put up with a lifetime of wear and tear. But sometimes, acidic foods, poor dental hygiene, injury to the mouth, or just overstress can cause a tooth to break. A chipped tooth may not feel as serious as a painful cavity, but it should be seen right away by a dentist. The sooner you fix a chipped tooth, the better. Here are the reasons why you should get a chipped tooth repaired, and how it can be done. Risks of Chipped Teeth There are many reasons to fix a chipped tooth. First, and most important, a chipped tooth can lead to further damage if the...