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Bad Breath

Halitosis, or bad breath, is a thing that is experienced by adults as some point in their lives. In addition to it being a sign of poor oral hygiene or some impeding dental disease, bad breath can have a significant impact on a person’s social life. Bad breath can also be caused by due to problems in the stomach and the digestive system, although the majority of the problems are indeed caused by dental and oral issues.

Bad breath is caused due to the decomposition of food particles that get stuck within the mouth, in between the teeth and the gums, which are not removed from the mouth even after brushing and flossing. The bacteria and germs present in the mouth make a feast on these food particles and subsequently produce wastes, which is then the main agent for bad odour. A dentist can perform a detailed and proper diagnosis of bad breath and help you get rid of it.

Bad breath can be difficult to self-diagnose, and you may need the help of a friend or family to determine whether you have bad breath. In addition to foul smell, some other symptoms, such as thick saliva as well as sores and cracked lips along with increased levels of plaque and tartar can also help to pinpoint the existence of bad breath. Bad breath may also cause the change in the sensation of taste on the tongue.

Bad breath can be embarrassing for you in your social and professional life. It would make you less confident as well as increase your reluctance to talk to people. It would make you feel lonelier and more negative towards people and life in general. Bad breath can also be a warning sign of impending dental problems and you need to go to a dentist as soon as possible to get it checked out.

Bad breath can be prevented easily if proper oral and dental hygiene is followed with proper brushing and flossing done. A mouthwash can also help to reach those crevices and corners not reachable by toothbrush or floss. It is also necessary to clean the tongue. Even treatments recommend proper and oral hygiene. You can use mints or gums, but make sure to use sugar free variants as the sugared ones are more nourishment for bacteria that causes bad breaths. The dentist will also suggest a proper course of action according to the complication.

Although it seems inexpensive to implement self treatment for bad breath compared to visiting a dentist, in the long run, the costs run high in the case of former with no benefit in sight. A dentist would suggest ways which would guarantee the eradication of bad breath in no time and helping you gain your confidence back. The dentist would also help you develop good dental and oral habits which is always an added bonus. The team at Charlotte Emergency Dental is equipped well to treat bad breath as well as other dental complications big or small with ease. Their professional and efficient team combined with their state of the art facility helps them to deliver the best treatment experience for their patients.

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