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A Root Canal Isn’t as Terrifying as You Think

A root canal treatment is one of the most dreaded procedures in a dental office. Never mind the mind-numbing pain that the cavity is causing, people prefer to dread the procedure that brings pain relief over the pain itself. Technology has changed in the past few years and with it comes new and improved methods. The root canal is one of the most common things a dentist does in a day’s time.

So why do people fear these simple processes so much?

The main reason why this procedure gets a bad rap is because of storytelling. When someone had a bad experience, they feel compelled to share it with others. Their bad experience soon puts fear and dread into the minds of all their friends and family members. The actual procedure is no more uncomfortable than having a tooth filled. It becomes a mind over matter thing and your local dentist office must work with patients to ease their anxiety. Many people get their teeth filled all the time without angst, but if you mention root canal, they will go running for the hills.

Understanding the procedure can help to relief some of the pressure this treatment causes. First, when a cavity forms inside the tooth, it will begin to eat down to the root area. Once it hits the pulp and dentin part of the tooth, the person will be in real pain. This is the type of pain that is excruciating. Until that nerve area dies, the pain sensation will take over the area. A root canal simply goes into the pulp area of the tooth and removes the decay and seals the area. This method will save the tooth.

New equipment, like drills that vibrate less and spin faster, has helped to ease the angst felt by the upcoming procedure. Additionally, digital x-ray machines ensure the doctor gets right to the heart of the problem the first time around. Some sophisticated dental offices can use a laser instead of a drill, which is known to bring even more comfort to the patient. There is absolutely no reason why a person should fear something that is going to bring them relief.

A root canal treatment at our Charlotte emergency dental office is as easy as one, two, and three.

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